TPA Rental Survey Report


A survey carried out by Tenants Protection Association (ChCh) on rent increases and housing conditions has found that over 85% of tenants in the region are being negatively affected by rent increases.

“Tenants can’t afford to pay for power bills, food, petrol, or going to the doctor. They can’t afford to find more suitable housing or save anything for a house deposit because their rents keep going up. Above all, tenants  feel  stressed, worried, depressed and fearful of the future,”  says Helen Gatonyi, manager of TPA.

The TPA Rental Survey for 2013

The Tenants Protection Association (Christchurch) Inc. is undertaking a survey of the rising costs of residential rental properties in Christchurch and the Canterbury district post-earthquakes, and the effects these rising costs are having on tenants. The study will also investigate the quality and standards of rental housing. The findings will be used to inform the community and to influence government agencies responsible for housing. Submissions have now closed and the results will be analyzed and posted along with key findings and recommendations in late June 2013.

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