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10 October 2018


There has been recent discussion related to the possible regulation of Property Managers in New Zealand.

TPA Christchurch is a signatory, along with 25 other advocacy organisations and property management professionals,to an open letter to Ministers Phil Twyford, Andrew Little and Aupito William Sio calling for regulation of the industry.

The letter was delivered by Anglican Advocacy, whose recent report ‘A Decade Overdue: The need for regulation of property management in New Zealand’ details evidence that a lack of regulation is causing a wide range of issues for consumers.

The letter requests that the Government require property managers to obtain qualifications and a licence in order to operate; to follow a professional code of conduct; and handle all tenancy-related funds through a trust account. It also calls for an effective complaints procedure that protects complainants.

Barry Dent, TPA Interim Manager, says:

  • it’s important to get something underway as soon as possible
  • it's important to have an external body to make a complaint to. Often the person you must complain to is the person you have the complaint about
  • owners need a place to take their concerns to. They are currently not being served well
  • the Residential Tenancies Act implies professional behaviour is required but is not explicit. A Code of Conduct/Behaviour is a good start as it sets up clear expectation of conduct and consequences for failure to adhere to it
  • a targeted review of the Residential Tenancies Act is currently underway. We urgethe Government to consider introducing a regulatory regime for property managers.
  • there is a need for the creation of a Register of Rental Properties. This way the rental housing stock can be monitored
  • Property managers have been left unregulated for more than a decade, and it’s high time the Government put things right
  • a lack of regulation is causing harm to tenants and landlords alike, as well as to all the property managers out there who are striving to operate ethically and professionally
  • the variety of signatories to this letter gives the Government a strong mandate to act
  • property managers have access into people’s homes, and handle billions of dollars worth of assets. It is unacceptable that they are not currently required to have a licence or any form of accreditation

Here is a link to the open letter -


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