EQC Christchurch repairs to accommodate insulation

Earthquake repairs and insulation


EQC Christchurch Repairs to Accommodate Insulation

Earthquake Commission (EQC) customers will be given the opportunity to install insulation in areas exposed during earthquake repairs, even if the insulation work isn't earthquake related.

Canterbury Home Repair Programme Manager Reid Stiven says the opportunity has come about as the result of collaboration with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), which has contributed technical advice.

“All non-earthquake insulation installations will have to be arranged and funded by the homeowner. But they could enjoy significant cost-savings if they can take advantage of insulating wall, ceiling and under floor cavities that are exposed during earthquake repairs,” Mr Stiven said.

Homeowners will be able to have insulation installed in conjunction with earthquake repairs, beginning March 1, 2013.

“A lot of homeowners have asked about getting insulation while their walls and other spaces are being opened up for repairs,” Mr Stiven said.

“The new approach, which was developed with EECA’s help, brings a common sense solution to a common situation, without bogging the system down in procedural complexities,” he said.

“The issue for EQC has been one of fair entitlement – we can’t cover insulation unless it was there before the earthquake – but now we can contribute to warmer drier homes, while not greatly impacting on the managed repair programme.”

EECA’s Chief Executive Mike Underhill says many affected Canterbury homeowners are being presented with a unique opportunity.

“We know that insulating walls, ceilings and under floors improves heat retention in a house by up to 70% – and that means more comfortable, healthier homes that are cheaper to heat.

“We also know that spaces like wall cavities, and some kinds of ceilings and floors, can be very difficult to insulate. Canterbury homeowners whose repair work exposes these kinds of areas and are able to seize this opportunity could be looking forward to much warmer winters.”

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme is New Zealand’s largest ever residential building programme. It covers properties with damage greater than $15,000 and less than $100,000 per natural disaster.

About 31,000 properties have so far been repaired, with about 55,000 remaining in the programme. Repairs are currently being completed at approximately 2,000 per month..

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