Here are a few of your basic questions answered, in the near future we will have a forum you can sign up to with commenting so that you can communicate with us and the community about housing information and issues, and get some real local help and answers.

Q: How do I get on the Housing Forum mailing list?
A: Send an email projectsupport [at] tpa [dot] org [dot] nz and you will be put on the mailing list. The mailing list is only used to advise you about upcoming Housing Forum meetings (dates, times and topics) and to send out minutes.

Q: Who decided what issues are covered at the forum meetings?
A: At the end of the year, alongside evaluating the effectiveness of the forum, members set the agenda for the following year. The planning group drawn from the membership organises and facilitates those meetings.

Q: Who funds the housing forum?
A: The housing forum receives no funding. A gold coin donation is expected from attendees at the meetings. All other costs are are donated by member organisations and services also are donated.

Q: I would like to present some information to the housing forum members. How do I go about that?
A: Contact the housing forum planners on 03 3791122 or projectsupport [at] tpa [dot] org [dot] nz and discuss this with them. They will organise when and how your information can be presented.