About Christchurch Housing Forum

The Christchurch Housing Forum was established in November 1999 as the result of identified community need (an outcome of Tenants Protection Association Housing Forum August 1999).

At their first meeting local housing groups agreed to the following purpose:

  • Meetings will be for information sharing and should include a wide range of groups, government departments etc involved in housing issues. 
  • Action groups on particular issues could arise from meetings, but the focus will not be on lobbying (to allow all to participate).

The forum meets every six weeks for two hours to discuss housing issues, keep up to date about what is happening in the housing sector, maintain relationships and expand networks.

However, since the focus of the forum is on information sharing and relationship building, and not lobbying it has been possible for all parties to come together. It is not unusual for tenant advocates to be sitting beside landlords.

The forum involves not-for profit housing providers as well as private providers and government providers and various interest groups around housing for example disabled persons, mental health etc. Work and Income regularly participate as well as Government Health, Housing, and Justice Departments.

The forum has no formal structure.

Each year the members elect a planning group and ratify the purpose. The planning group proceeds to organize the forums for the coming year, they volunteer their time to the Forum (with the blessing of their employers). Every 2-3 years the Forum Planners organize a National Forum.

Current Housing Forum Planners: The forum would not be successful without the commitment of the planners and the support of their respective employers.

There is no formal membership application, only a commitment to adhere to the purpose and attendance at forum meetings when they are of interest.

We also ask members to fill in an evaluation form at the end of the year, reexamine the purpose and vote for a planning group.