Update from Environmental Canterbury

6.May 2020 Update:

Warmer Kiwi Homes and Healthier Homes Canterbury are now operating under level 3. This means people have access to assessments of their homes by certified Home Performance Advisors (free in Christchurch with thanks to CCC) and access to subsidies and financial assistance for insulation, home heating and ventilation costs. We have checked that suppliers have good Health & Safety in place and do not put vulnerable people at risk. These initiatives are supported by ECan, CCC, CDHB and Community Energy Action.

ECan also have temporary waivers available for approval over the phone for people who have an expired burner but need it to keep warm under level 3. (Temporary means one winter at a time). From Census we estimate 8,000 people in Canterbury still need to use an expired burner to keep warm in the coldest weather.

We all want everyone to stay warm and well in their homes this winter

7. April 2020 Update:

Here is some info from ECan: All Ws – Warmth, Water, Waste, Wellbeing

Warmth - Our Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme & financial assistance to households to transition to cleaner home heating is not considered an essential service for the council. However, we are aware of that some of our suppliers continue to operate because their business is considered essential. We are looking at what assurance we need from our suppliers around Health & Safety (PPE, physical distancing, identifying vulnerable households etc) when we start the scheme again.

We are also aware that the EECA Warmer Kiwi Homes is on hold during Level 4, as like our scheme, it is not considered as an essential service. However, EECA has advised us that they are putting together a proposal regarding Warmer Kiwi Homes as the government considers investment options to stimulate economic activity. This would look to dramatically scale up retrofitting to cold damp homes. This could also have climate change, health, and air quality impacts in numerous communities.

We recommend anyone with issues keeping warm to ring the civil defense welfare line on 0800 24 24 11. We also recommend the CDHB resource ‘Staying Warm and Well in Winter’. Fuel supply is also being managed as a lifeline by the Emergency Coordination Centre during the civil defense emergency. As a last resort, if people have tried civil defense but have a non-compliant burner they need to use to stay warm during the state of emergency, people can ring us and we can approve over the phone for them to continue to use their current log burner without filling in a temporary waiver form. After the state of emergency has finished we will then contact the households and provide assistance to get a better form of home heating. If anyone is annoyed by smoky chimneys they can contact us and we can take details but we can’t follow up while in Level 4 lockdown.

Water - the roadside drains are for rain water only. Anything that goes down those drains can have an impact on biodiversity and water quality as these drains do not go to treatment plant, so watch what runs out your drive, especially when doing home DIY.

Waste - Please continue to use council provided waste collection services. If it can be collected, get it collected. If it can’t be collected, don’t bury it and don’t burn it either. Mishandled waste can lead to health issues, air pollution, contaminated land and waste management issues later. If you have concerns around waste & your health at home please call the civil defense welfare line on 0800 24 24 11.

And last, but not least, Wellbeing! Take care everyone. Be kind to yourself. This is not a normal situation, so it's ok to be not ok. If you need help, ask for it!

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