The beginning of many conversations to be had around rental housing reforms.

TPA Manager talks with Minister of Housing at site of new state house build

The beginning of many conversations to be had around the social housing reforms.  Helen talks with the Minister of Housing at Wilding Street.

 Dr Smith accompanied by Minister for Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee, National MP for Christchurch Central Nicky Wagner, Chair of Christchurch City Council’s Town Planning Committee Sue Wells and the Manager of Tenants Protection Association Helen Gatonyi, toured the Wilding Street site where the first three houses in the 700 new build programmes are under construction.

Nick Smith described Housing New Zealand’s contribution to Canterbury’s earthquake recovery this morning as …‘The biggest Government house building programme in Christchurch’s history, it amounts to a new house being built every working day from now until the end of 2015,’ he said.

New builds is only part of the plan for Christchurch’s State Housing, with Corporation continuing its repair programme and also working with the Earthquake Commission in a land remediation project on TC2 and TC3 land. 

Tenants Protection Association acknowledges the work that Housing New Zealand Corporation is doing in Christchurch.   However there are still many families and individuals in the city living in difficult situations two and a half years on, who do not require social housing.   

Those working in social housing are beginning take the lead, it is now time for the private sector to step up and ensure that the rental housing product they put on the market meets a decent standard.  “For years we have been calling for a register of rental properties; a warrant of fitness; security of tenure for tenants and a code of practice for all landlords” says Gatonyi.   As an agency there is little we can do to increase the supply of housing but we can make sure that rental housing in the market in Christchurch is of a standard that sustains people here, particularly during this transitional time of rebuilding. 

Government has a role in ensuring all housing meets a certain basic standard, and all products in the market place at least come up to that standard.  

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