Christchurch rents on downward slide???

Rents on downward slide

The Press 11 June 2015 - Christchurch rents on downward slide.........


"But there were not enough older, cheaper homes for people on low incomes "and they can't be replaced" "- a quote from the article in today's Press regarding Christchurch rents on downward slide. This is a stereotype that suggest people on low incomes are only offered older cheaper homes which are more often than not damp and cold. Why is it ok that people on low incomes are put in the position that they have to accept these older cheaper homes?

Another quote - "Tenants were becoming more choosy and rejecting cold and damp homes". Why should tenants be made to feel as though they are demanding and choosy by rejecting these homes.? 
Older cheaper homes come with associated costs such as higher power bills and issues with mould and damp related conditions let alone the health related issues!

And why are these homes being offered in the first place if they are damp and have mould??

"However, "lovely" family homes were still attracting plenty of tenant applications, and those in the $450 to $550 bracket were most sought after".

Low income tenants should also be able to able to enjoy a "lovely" family home but the rents for these are still out of their reach.......................................

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