The Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff...........

THE AMBULANCE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CLIFF is not what we at TPA ever wanted to be - but that is what is happening and this needs to change so we can assist tenants before they fall off that cliff. There are organisations that know we can work with their tenants to try and sustain their tenancies but they do nothing and it's not until the tenant receives a Tenancy Tribunal hearing date for termination of tenancy or a 90 day notice that we become involved. Where is the obligation of those organisations to mitigate loss or ameliorate for their tenants - some of who are those who need the most assistance for social, health or other related reasons. If you take on a tenant and know they have issues then know that those issues will sometimes create problems and that's where we can help - tenant management done well will keep tenants from having to face homelessness and uncertainty regarding their future.

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